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“I believe that Gina Ross’ book and trainings are vital for our organizations and that they contribute to NGO work everywhere, especially in regions strife with conflict and violence.  This is an effective tool especially for non-governmental organizations.”  - Taj Hamad, Secretary General, World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO)

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Gina Ross will be conducting the following SE® trainings:

September Trainings


Workshop submitted: March 2015 – Psychotherapy Networker Symposium, Washington DC.
Check back for updates or email us at Gina@GinaRoss.com


“Thank you for your informative and eye-opening lecture.  I was very impressed to see that your work included specific literature on the role, influence and responsibility of the media as related to trauma.”
--Naser R. Ideis, Information Specialist, Public Affairs Office, American Consulate-General, Jerusalem

Gina Ross is a popular international speaker and lecturer.  Her inspiring story is captivating and her historical perspective on Middle Eastern conflict is unique, with a particular understanding of the impact of trauma on the political, social and economic landscape of nations.
Speaker fees vary depending on the demand, availability, and the services required.  In most cases, travel and lodging expenses are in addition to the speaker honorarium, including first-class travel, accommodations and limited out-of-pocket expenses.

Gina loves to do book signings at lecture engagements, but when booking please check to make sure that her schedule allows for it. Other special speaking requests are considered on an individual basis.   If you book Gina, we provide a book purchasing option to buy books at a special discounted rate.   

Some of the topics Gina addresses:

“Creating Trust Between Palestinians and Israelis
After 60 years of Violent Conflict”

“The Role of Diplomacy in Healing Collective Trauma”

“Trauma and the Military”

“National Trauma – How to Heal a Whole Society”

“The Role of the Media in Healing Trauma”

    Please provide the following information and we will respond with Gina’s availability, or contact us directly at gina@ginaross.com
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